In a globalised economy, corporate travel is a significant expense for companies in a wide range of industries. Despite this, it is often surprisingly unregulated, which results in inefficient planning processes, a lack of awareness of where to draw the line on business travel expenses and a disorganised reimbursement process that cannot be accurately regulated or audited.

Business expense management solutions like those offered by South African innovators, TraveluXion, deliver companies a means to overcome these issues and further benefit organisations. These benefits include:

  • Compliance with travel policies through superior control, visibility gains and reporting features.
  • Considerable savings due to expertly managed booking and spend structures.
  • Increased transparency due to real time, automated travel expense tracking and record keeping.
  • Access to real time travel expense information, including budgets, for excellent financial control.
  • Effective fraud and financial risk management.
  • Access to trip information in real time, including visas, travel alerts, security information and more.
  • Streamlined planning, approval and reimbursement processes through the correct channels, making bookings simple and allowing companies to take advantage of discounts.
  • The ability to effectively manage Duty of Care obligations towards employees travelling on your behalf.
  • Increased employee and skill retention through the creation of a Duty of Care culture.

The primary drive behind the benefits of this travel spend management system is that it is an end-to-end solution which improves a variety of essential business processes for companies and employees alike.

The TraveluXion solution is built on industry-leading technology, including Amadeus’s online booking system and Fraxion Spend Management, to deliver a fully integrated pre and port-trip management service. For more information on this cutting-edge business expense management solution, please contact us today.