Corporate travel can become a nightmare for your company’s HR staff if you have no travel procurement software at your disposal. This particular type of software can be highly beneficial to your staff members who need to acquire travel request authorisations, finalise travel bookings and liaise with the various travel service providers involved. Funds allocated for the trip can also be hard to track and monitor if you have no set system in place.

With the right procurement software in place, travel expense management becomes a simple task. Some of the benefits your HR staff members can expect include:

  • Access to an easy to use system which allows travel requests to made electronically. Once authorisation is given, the applicant can be electronically notified. This saves time and effort for both management and staff members.
  • HR departments can easily ensure all trips and travellers are compliant with company travel policies.
  • Risk management and duty of care processes will be accurately adhered to.
  • Real time reporting will provided to HR departments to ensure funds are correctly allocated and that the procedure of travel requests always runs smoothly.
  • HR staff members can expect budget visibility and compliance to be simplified.

There are many benefits to making use of travel expense management software to streamline and improve travel and expense management – these are just a few.

Travel procurement software available at TraveluXion

At TraveluXion we offer our clients access to quality and reliable travel expense management and procurement software. Our software packages are designed to streamline the process of travel applications and also ensure that after travel, reconciliations and reimbursements are easily managed. It goes without saying that you can safeguard your business from financial loss, fraud and the stress of trying to monitor potential mismanagement of travel funds.

To learn more about the benefits of travel expense management software, contact us at TraveluXion today.