In this piece we are going to focus more closely on why your expense management process or system needs real time reporting. In previous blogs we have spoken extensively on the importance of procurement spend management for your company.

Stay in control

Whenever your business sends employees out on business you do so knowing you relinquish control of what they’re spending company resources on. Most of the time you can rest assured that none of your employees are going to spend recklessly. However, in the event that one of your employees’ spending patterns becomes suspicious, you can immediately respond in order to halt further dubious activity on company credit cards.

Real time updates ensure your employees are sticking to their itinerary and budget

Your expense management process will give you an intimate understanding of where your employees are, as well as what they’re spending company resources on. This gives insight into how well your employees are doing in terms of their budgeting and whether or not they’re sticking to their pre-determined itinerary.

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