Many companies struggle to stay on top of their expenditure when it comes to aspects such as business travel and that is why investing in procurement management software is essential. With such software you will be able to procure the best travel packages and ensure the entire process from staff members requesting travel authorisation, right through to monitoring and tracking expenses and outlay, is recorded.

Procurement management software is essential to strategic cost management as it can be used for the following functions:

  • Travel spend management and monitoring.
  • Effective online booking technology.
  • Management of expenses.
  • Financial controls.
  • Real time reporting and transparency throughout the process.

When looking for a corporate travel solution that limits and monitors expenditure, procurement software can benefit a business in many ways. Some of these ways include ensuring access to low cost carrier packages, fulfilment of bookings by offline travel companies, ensuring travel policy compliance, risk management and duty of care, budget visibility and compliance, big data and analytics and much more.

Procurement management software from TraveluXion

At TraveluXion, we offer an all-inclusive procurement management software package which offers a complete corporate travel solution. Our software is aimed at providing total travel expense management and helps management members be aware of and keep track of funds spent on company travel. Staff members will need to apply for travel authorisation and management members will be kept up to date on all the plans set in place before the actual trip is signed off on. All monies spent whilst travelling also need to be recorded and reconciled to ensure that business travel funds are not being mismanaged.

To learn more about our procurement management software, take the time to contact us at TraveluXion. We are available via email or telephone at all times.