Duty of care is a moral and legal obligation for an employee to ensure the safety and well being of staff members whilst travelling and only the best travel expense management software packages include features to support this. In order for a company to protect the best interests of their employees when travelling, they must be up to date on absolutely everything that is required of a traveller visiting a certain area. This covers both health and legal travel requirements.

It can be quite challenging for a business owner or management team to keep on top of duty of care policies and procedures in the corporate travel industry. Requirements can change without notice at any time and by making use of travel expense management software which prompts management and travel applicants to ensure certain requirements are met for travel and any warnings required are given, you can ensure your duty of care responsibilities are always taken care of.

Leading travel expense management software packages will include duty of care as one of the many beneficial features.

Ensure your duty of care responsibilities are met with travel expense management software from TraveluXion

If you are looking for travel expense management software which offers a complete corporate travel solution including taking care of duty of care responsibilities, TraveluXion software is just what you need. Our software is easy to install and simple to use. In addition to duty of care, you can expect to benefit in the following ways from the programme:

  • Cut back on redundant travel costs.
  • Eliminate the potential for excessive and fraudulent travel expenses.
  • Ensure all trips through the business are easily and accurately reconciled.

At TraveluXion, we understand how challenging it can be to track and monitor business trips. Our software is designed to make the process easier. To learn more about our travel expense management software and how it can benefit your business, contact us via email or telephone today.