Companies that have branches nationally and internationally are often at risk when their employees are not fully compliant with their various duty of care regulations and rules that are in place. Duty of care travel solutions are systems and procedures which fully prepare a travelling staff member for potential situations. For instance, an employee travelling to an area where political unrest is a threat will need to be informed of such in writing and the company will need to able to prove that sufficient care and advise was given should an incident occur..

Duty of care corporate travel solutions cover many concerns around the destination of the employee travelling on company business. The company’s policy can cover potential high security threats and natural disasters and a great deal more. Why is it important to have a corporate travel duty of care solution in place, and more importantly why is it important to have an effective audit trail in the event of litigation? Companies that don’t have such a system may be faced with litigation after the fact.

What can TraveluXion offer in terms of duty of care travel solutions?

TraveluXion is a user-friendly travel expense management software application that helps businesses to stay on top of travel expenditure. It also helps management and financial departments to decide if a requested trip is to be authorised or not. In order for a trip to be paid for by the company, it must be viable and beneficial to the business.

In addition to this, in terms of duty of care for corporate travel, the system when making a travel booking for an employee (who will need to action the request and booking personally) will ensure that any requirements in terms of medical treatments, visas, passports, documentation and special requirements are noted and that the staff member has to indicate that they have read the information and understand it and accept the notice This is then stored in an audit trail and ensures that management is aware of potential risks faced by the company in the event of certain events occuring whilst employees are travelling. The application also features a dynamic world map that highlights where your employees are at the click of a mouse.  Regardless of whether they booked in or out of policy, our application will track them.

In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems should something go awry while staff members are away, TraveluXion, travel expense management software is the solution.