TraveluXion’s purchasing and procurement software is a world-class corporate travel solution which gives you total control of travel expense management, business expense management and much more. Here’s why we believe our procurement software is the best:

  • Rules, regulations and compliance within the corporate travel industry change regularly, so you need software that keeps up with these changes and ensures everyone is aware of them.
  • We help you reduce costs and save time, resources and money. Research shows that companies which implement end-to-end travel spend software experience 60% lower expense-processing costs, a 43% higher rate of business travel under management and a 31% higher rate of corporate policy compliance.
  • It allows staff to input travel expenses ahead of time for approval whilst displaying real-time budget information, ensuring they don’t overspend or over-budget.
  • Our software gives you complete ownership of your travel budget. From flight bookings to hotel costs to ground travel, you’ll be certain about where the money is going.

Let our procurement technology specialists assist you today

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