Does your company have a comprehensive, seamless travel expense management solution? Whether you own a small business or a multi-national enterprise, if you and your staff travel for business purposes, you can certainly benefit from TraveluXion’s corporate travel software. Here’s why you should prioritise travel expense management solutions for your company this year:

  • Our comprehensive software helps save you money. Research shows businesses which use end-to-end travel and expense management solutions can save 60% on expense-processing costs. Additionally, you could save as much as R433.00 per transaction.
  • You’ll also have a 31% higher rate of corporate policy compliance and a 43% higher rate of business travel under management.
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent expense claims.
  • You’ll have cost control over your entire corporate travel budget and you’ll be able to accurately analyse the impact of travel spending on your overall budget.
  • Our corporate travel software makes it easy for staff to enter travel requests and business expense data. Rather than dealing with piles of paperwork and multiple approvals, our software centralises the entire corporate travel process and gives staff the ability to request flights, file business expenses and more.

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and you need solutions that help you stay ahead of your competitors. You and your staff can travel smartly and travel efficiently with our software and stay in control of the company budget at all times.

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