Is your business looking for a reliable, user-friendly corporate travel solution? Frequent travel, whether domestic or international, can take a lot of time to coordinate, but with a comprehensive corporate travel solution you and your staff can easily manage the process from beginning to end. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for corporate travel software:

  • A programme that is user-friendly. What’s the point of investing in software if it’s complicated, complex and difficult to use? A user-friendly solution allows staff to manage their own travel expenses, business expenses, travel bookings and more.
  • A programme which saves your business money. Did you know if your company has more than 300 domestic corporate travel transactions per month, you could save as much as R433.00 per transaction simply by booking online and using an enterprise spend management solution? An enterprise-spend management solution captures all travel-spend, online, offline, managed and unmanaged.
  • A programme which increases your company’s corporate policy compliance. Businesses that use a comprehensive corporate travel solution have a 31% higher rate of corporate policy compliance.
  • A programme which allows staff to manage travel expenses and businesses expenses, along with travel bookings. Travel expense management and business expense management don’t have to be tedious processes. With a comprehensive solution, employees can enter projected travel expenses before their flight and can update accordingly during their time away.
  • A programme which allows you to submit travel requests online for immediate approval. Forget piles of paperwork which can take weeks to be approved. Get instant approval and see the entire spend cycle for real-time budget information.

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