Any business operating in any industry where travel is required can benefit from making use of purchasing and procurement software. If your company currently doesn’t have a purchasing and procurement software package in place, it is at risk of potential fraud when it comes to travel expense claims. It can also suffer from poorly planned trips which cost the business more than they need to. If you would like to cut back on redundant costs and ensure beneficial travel continues for the growth and development of your business, procurement technology and software is the solution.

What can procurement software do for your business? Here’s a quick look at the benefits:

  • Such software will ensure you are kept up to date with all rules and regulations that are regularly changing within the corporate travel industry.
  • Save time, money and resources. In fact, such software can save up to 60% on expense processing costs.
  • Pre-approval of all trips will ensure all expenses are presented before the trip so that a fixed budget can be put in place. This eliminates the potential for over spending and all suggested expenses can be scrutinised.
  • Management teams can keep track of employee trips and precisely what they are costing the company. This can go a long way towards deciding if such trips in the future are viable for the business or not.

TraveluXion offers accurate and efficient purchasing and procurement software

At TraveluXion, we present purchasing and procurement software to the market that is designed to save your business on travel expenses and ensure all claims for travel are legitimate. Such software can assist in cutting out unnecessary expenses and ensure business trips aren’t being used to abuse company funds. You will find the TraveluXion purchasing and procurement software easy to use, accurate and reliable. Certainly a great way for accounts and HR departments to keep track of travel expenses with greater ease.

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