Procurement spend management has become an absolute necessity in today’s business environment – especially when you consider just how many companies are sending employees to far corners of the earth. In the following piece we’ll take a look at two of the challenges which face effective procurement spend management in today’s business landscape.

Trying to manage your procurement spend without dedicated software

Investing in procurement spend management software can give your company much greater control over how much it needs to spend on costs associated with business travel. Our software is designed to give your business the foresight regarding any potential costs that will be incurred while travelling, which can include costs associated with cancelled travel as well as mobile phone and Internet roaming costs.

Fighting against fraud

There will always be someone looking to take advantage of business travel and in South Africa, we’re accustomed to seeing high ranking government officials abusing this privilege beyond belief. This reckless spending, however, is not exclusive to the public sector. There are thousands of employees in the private sector who take advantage of slack spend management to enjoy themselves in foreign lands at the company’s expense. Effective procurement software can stamp out this sort of behaviour, saving your company thousands down the line.

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