TraveluXion’s Procurement Technology Helps Businesses in SA Cut Back on Travel Expenses


With our procurement technology world class organisations can be more involved at every stage of the travel management process and experience greater control over travel budgets and expenditure of all staff members at every level of the business.  Corporate companies, agencies and enterprises that experience a large travel spend each month and year, look for ways in which to cut back on costs – and TraveluXion has the answer.

Our advanced travel management software allows the procurement of the best travel packages and rates on the market and what’s more, upper level management can approve or deny travel requests in a more informed manner. Approved travel requests can be monitored and tracked by both management and those making the request.

Our system allows for absolute transparency of spend, before it is incurred. The entire procurement process from requisition to reconciliation is brought to light and made easy to interpret by our procurement technology.

Our travel procurement technology aims at providing the following benefits:

  • Assist corporations to cut back on travel expenses incurred by the company and its staff members.
  • To eliminate potential fraud/misuse of company travel funds by employees.
  • Simplifies the travel request and approval process for both management and employees and keep a record of trips taken / funded by the company.
  • Ensure duty of care and travel risks are taken into account and properly managed.


Our travel management software has before travel and after travel benefits and features that makes the following possible:


Before travel processes and features

  • Pre-booking and trip approval process that is date and time stamped.
  • Cost approval by management.
  • Applicant can then self book with Amadeus or send the travel request to the approved travel management company to finalise the booking.


After travel processes and features 

  • Corporate expense claims analysis.
  • Reimbursements.
  • Matching supplier invoices.
  • Reconciliation of all expenditure while on the trip.
  • Payments made to suppliers and tracked.


For more information on our Procurement Technology management solutions and how they can benefit your company, please contact us today.