Features of Our Streamlined Corporate Travel Expense Management Solution

TraveluXion offers organisations a unique partnership through an innovative expense management solution for corporate travel. Features of this solution include:

  • Independent and completely travel management company agnostic
  • Established Best in Class technology partners, Amadeus and Fraxion. Amadeus offers global travel technology expertise and Fraxion is a leading Spend Management company
  • Exclusively offering Amadeus’ on-line booking technology integrated with our travel spend management solution
  • Uniquely converges all data, including online travel bookings as well as offline travel bookings that are made by the travel management company
  • The only application in South Africa that incorporates a Duty of Care approval process
  • Companies can enjoy the cost benefits of owning the licenses to operate the application and are not locked into the TMC’s technology
  • Our pricing proposal is transparent and non-transactional
  • Pre-booking information such as destination information and visa alerts readily available in the system
  • The only system with access to immediate budgetary information and real time reporting
  • Real time reporting on cost escalations

To find out more about how your organisation can benefit from this unique corporate travel spend management solution, please contact us today.