Companies in South Africa and around the world are becoming increasingly committed to their duty of care towards their employees. Travel spend management solutions can be a significant contributor towards achieving this organisational goal and ensuring good corporate governance.

When employees are travelling for business, they are open to certain risks, which include their health and safety, to company data/equipment, as well as legal and financial risks. As companies are becoming increasingly globalised, so these risks are growing. Many countries have recognised this and instituted different duty of care laws where companies in violation of these requirements face strict penalties. In order to ensure your company is setting the standard for meeting duty of care obligations and best practises, you need a travel spend management system that brings the following benefits:

  • Effectively reduces your company’s exposure to litigation
  • Streamlines the corporate travel management process
  • Provides travellers with comprehensive information on their destination and what they should expect in terms of risk
  • Accurate tracking of the business trip as it progresses, so employers know where their employees are in real time
  • Supplies comprehensive trip information to any suppliers should action need to be taken in emergency situations

With a comprehensive corporate travel solution, your employees know they are as safe and secure as possible whilst acting on your behalf. They know they are covered should anything occur, from a natural or political disaster to a health or security risk. Not only does this ensure your company reduces the risks it faces, employees feel assured of their wellbeing – increasing employee and skills retention.

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