Our Process to Ensure Your Organisation Realises Efficient Travel Spend Management

Engaging with TraveluXion is easy, as we have mapped out a clearly defined client engagement strategy that covers all aspects for a successful implementation of our corporate travel expense management solution.


  1. Explore
    We understand that every company is unique and that corporate travel is essential for most organisations. TraveluXion aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current processes for the procurement of travel, which includes a detailed exploratory analysis by engaging with key stakeholders to identify gaps and areas for improvement in current travel expense management systems, present key objectives and reiterate the priorities, provide a product demonstration and sign the necessary legal frameworks to engage further.
  2. Expose
    Once the Explore analysis is completed, TraveluXion invites all key stakeholders to view the commitments and considerations made during the initial stage, summarise the solution and gather important information critical to the success of the project. During the workshops that take place during the Expose phase, the size and scope of the travel spend management project will be identified. Other goals to be achieved in this phase include understanding the current landscape, reviewing corporate agreements and the hierarchal chart of accounts, changing management strategies, understanding data imports and finally, recapping and validating before signing off to move onto the next stage.
  3. Examine
    During phase 3, the implementation team will set about collating all data and beginning the configuration and development of the travel spend management solution with specific emphasis on the site parameters (such as company locations, supplier information, budget information, cost centre configuration, tax rate information, approval thresholds, accounting periods, preferred supplier linking and TMC readiness preparation).
    Critical to the success of any new corporate expense management technology or software application is a comprehensive and structured Project Charter that will alleviate any potential obstacles to success. TraveluXion’s Project Management team is responsible for the overall Project Charter that will encompass all key aspects of the successful project adoption, including, but not limited to:

    • Documentation Information
    • Project Business Case
    • Project Scope
    • Project Stakeholders
    • Project Timelines
    • Project Budget
    • Project Risks
  4. Expertise
    TraveluXion’s obligations to our clients extend into an on going supportive and caretaking account management agreement that includes:

    • Annual product developments and enhancements
    • Account Management
    • Annual training available
    • Client contact centre

    Information is only meaningful if it can systematically demonstrate continual ROI gains to your organisation. TraveluXion provides complete T&E information that is aggregated into relevant reporting that will enhance the Travel Managers, Procurement Heads and CFO’s ability to optimise their vendor agreements and have complete visibility of total corporate travel expenditure in real time, in a single or multiple TMC environments.

    Financial managers will be able to have immediate access to almost unlimited information regarding travel spending patterns and travel budgetary information, savings and lost savings due to irresponsible behaviour or non-compliance.

    A travel spend management solution that combines the best of self booking technology and spend management principles is the way of the future. It will allow companies exceptional visibility of expenditure and vital business intelligence that is more comprehensive than traditional travel spend management, supporting the organisation in achieving better budgetary control and compliance.

To find out more about our corporate travel spend management solution and how it will benefit your organisation, please contact us today.