2016 and beyond will be the time that outdated and traditional Travel Policy and Procedures will be re-written to adapt to the ever growing tendencies that the Mobile Traveller has forced upon organisations. Travel Buyers will be challenged to re-think processes and procedures to ensure that Mobility is not halted whilst trying to mold this highly mobile generation into antiquated procedures. Top of mind for any Buyer or Finance official, should be the availability of budgetary information to ensure that costs are contained and that employees are safe and protected whilst travelling on company business.

Airbnb, Uber and the plethora of online tools and services available to ensure costs and services are delivered instantly and at affordable prices, will challenge the old managed travel processes and rightly so! Innovations and solutions should not be sought from the traditional sources, services need to be separated from technology solutions if organisations want to see real value. – Shirley Le Roux MD TraveluXion