The task of the travel manager when it comes to corporate travel

If you are a travel manager, your role in the business is quite important when it comes to cutting back on costs and ensuring there is no rogue or maverick spending within the business. Your main task will be to ensure travel costs and expenditure are in strict accordance with the company imposed policies and good business practice.

When it comes to authorising business trips and keeping tabs on the expenses incurred, it can be quite a gruelling task for travel managers. There are also various company procedures in place that you will need to follow and if you want to ensure business trips go off without a hitch and without incurring a detrimental expense to the business, you are going to have to have a reliable system in place. This is where the TraveluXion system comes into play. The system is designed to ease the load and offer convenient assistance with all the tasks and responsibilities related to your role.

Benefits of TraveluXion to corporate travel managers

  • You will be dealing with a Level 4 BBBEE supplier.
  • There is no limit imposed on the number of transactions you can process on the system.
  • Multiple travel agencies and locations across South Africa are catered for with just one easy to use booking and tracking platform.
  • Easy auditing functions that can track all transactions from the first request of the trip to payment. This audit provides details of all those who played a role in the booking as well.
  • The platform is integrated and ready for any underlying ERP.
  • Clear visibility on any potential costs involved for the requested trip, before it is authorised.
  • Ability to control any excessive or wasteful spending of business money by detecting fraud and collusion easily, effective reporting on both agent-assisted and self booking, no list of penalties on late payments and the guarantee of the best rates available.
  • Ensures staff members are provided with information on the business travel policy and that travellers are aware of any special conditions of travel before authorisation can be given.

These are just a few of the benefits that travel managers can expect when working with the TraveluXion system. For more information and advice on the package and what we have to offer, get in touch with us at TraveluXion at your earliest convenience.

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