The Agency Offline Process

  1. The Requestor emails the completed Request for Booking (RFB) to the Agency.
  2. The Agency receives the RFB with all the relevant information including a predefined Passenger Name Record (PNR) address to be utilised. (This ensures that all the automated entries like synchronisation number, Community ID (CID), Traveller ID (TID) are populated to avoid human error).
  3. The Agency is required to build the itinerary into the pre-defined PNR.
  4. Once the Agency completes the booking of the PNR, they queue the PNR to the upload queue.
  5. The TraveluXion Application is seamlessly populated with the itinerary information.
  6. The Requestor is now notified to submit the Travel Request for Final Approval.
  7. The TraveluXion Application recognises the destination fields and returns information regarding each destination’s Visa requirements and Country Alerts. These need to be accepted by the Requestor before the final approval is obtained.
  8. The TraveluXion Application will check that the Trip Value, Date and Destination of the Travel Request (TR) have not changed, subsequently the TR will either be Auto-Approved or submitted for Re-Approval.
  9. Once fully approved, the TraveluXion application releases the booking for ticketing and dynamically places the PNR on the agency’s robotic queue for auto ticketing.

The below all takes place in the Amadeus GDS: 

  1. The Agency retrieves the booking from the fulfilment queue and completes the fulfilment function.
    • Ticket Issuance (TraveluXion Robotics automatically issues the ticket and places the PNR on the agency’s fulfilment queue for voucher issuance etc.)
    • Vouchers (The agency to issue the vouchers)
    • Accounting Scripts (On negotiation, we can build custom fields to replace manual RM entries)
    • Invoices (The agency issues and emails the invoices through to a predefined email address in order to facilitate the TraveluXion auto-matching process.)
  2. The Agency places the fulfilled PNR on the upload queue.
  3. The TraveluXion Application continuously monitors this queue and imports the latest image of the PNR into the TraveluXion Application.
  4. The Travel Request is now in a “Closed Status” and awaiting invoices to be matched and processed for payment.