For a Non-Amadeus Agent

The Process:

  • You will need an Amadeus GDS set/s to accommodate the TraveluXion Application.
  • In order to continue servicing the specified customer, you would need to contact the Amadeus Sales team in order to begin the migration process (remember that a full office migration is not required, but merely a predefined number of GDS sets based on the number of consultants required to service the customer).



Turnberry Office Park, 48 Grosvenor Road
Bryanston Sandton
South Africa
+27 11 548 7300
Claudette Thorne
[email protected]

Points to consider during migration: 

  • Number of consultants and sets required for the potential customer
  • Adequate time to train the consultants (Amadeus GDS Conversion course normally is scheduled for a week out of the office)
  • Voucher, Invoicing and any third party integration requirements required for fulfilment.
  • Any other system requirements needed to service the customer. These all need to be scoped and included in the migration process with Amadeus.
  • Please note that the duration of the implementation of the TraveluXion Application is 3 months, so do not delay scoping the above mentioned requirements.
  • Once you are an official Amadeus Agent, please follow the “Is an Amadeus Agent – The Process”.