For an Amadeus Agent

The Process:

  • The Agency is required to apply for an Amadeus Internet Office ID, this is a pre-requisite to enable the TraveluXion software – the application for the Internet Office ID must be directed to your Amadeus Account Manager, specifying that this is for the TraveluXion software.
  • Kindly note that if you are an existing AeTM reseller, you would still need to apply for a new Amadeus Internet Office ID.
  • NB: The Agency needs to ensure that Amadeus open full EOS Agreements between the newly assigned Internet Office ID and their existing Offline Ticketing Office ID.
  • The Agency is required to assign five Amadeus Queues / Categories dedicated to the Customers’ TraveluXion instance. These Queues need to be assigned in the Amadeus Offline Ticketing Office ID:
    1. Robotic Queue
    2. Upload Queue
    3. Fulfilment Queue
    4. Cancellation Queue
    5. Schedule Changes Queue

This is the extent of changes that you as an Agency need to effect, in order to be equipped to fulfil a client using TraveluXion. TraveluXion handles the build and set up of AeTM as this is housed and embedded within the TraveluXion application.