Travel Spend Management Solution

Implementation and adoption of an end to end travel spend management solution that captures all travel related activities, from requisition to reconciliation, with visibility to budgets and real time reporting that allows companies to self-book.
Research has indicated that companies’ and public sector entities’ travel budgets are in the region of 8 – 12% of costs, and companies that embrace end to end travel spend management solutions can save on these costs.

  • 60% lower expense-processing costs
  • 43% higher rate of business travel under management
  • 31% higher rate of corporate policy compliance
*Aberdeen Research


Immediate savings

A company that has 300 domestic transactions per month could save as much as R433.00 per transaction by simply booking online, and by adopting TraveluXion that captures all travel spend, online, offline, managed and unmanaged spend.


Average Domestic Offline TMC Processing Costs Average Domestic Online Processing Costs
Air ticket R250.00 Air ticket R67.00
Car hire bill back R250.00 Car Hire booking R0.00
Hotel voucher R100.00 Hotel booking R0.00
Total R600.00 TMC Fulfilment fee R100.00
Total R167.00
Transactions 300 X R600 = R 180 000.00 Transactions 167.00 = R 50 100.00
Savings R129 900.00 per month


Add the savings of improving travel policy compliance, expense claim processing costs and the benefits of more travel bookings under management to the significant cost reduction of online bookings and your company can benefit with immediate return on investment, eliminating unnessary/wasteful travel expenditure before it is incurred and visibility of spend against cost center budgets to ensure no over spend occurs without the correct approvals.

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Travel Spend Management Process

Engaging with TraveluXion is easy, as we have mapped out a clearly defined client engagement strategy that covers all aspects for a successful implementation and adoption.


Duty of Care

Duty of Care can be defined as a company’s legal and moral obligation to protect employees and the public from reasonable and foreseeable harm or risk of injury. TraveluXion uniquely caters for the legislative responsibilities incumbent upon the organisation to ensure the safety and security of its employees.