For corporations looking to broaden their horizons while reducing unnecessary expenditure, the rising costs associated with corporate travel and business travel programmes is a significant concern. While a wide range of procurement software solutions are available in the T&E space, it can be difficult to choose the solution best suited to your company’s needs. Bringing in travel and expense management consultancy services (Link to Consulting Services page) will assist you in discovering where your business travel programme can be improved and delivering an end-to-end option that is streamlined, easy to implement and use as well as highly efficient.

Improving your travel and expense management processes through independent, expert consultancy services has several key benefits, including:

  • Significant increases in the ability of your business to control T&E costs, saving up to 60% on expense-processing costs.
  • More accurate and timely delivery of expense line information to finance teams.
  • A 31% higher rate of corporate policy compliance.
  • Significantly reduced risk of fraudulent expense claims.
  • End-to-end cost control over your corporate travel budget.
  • Accurate, real time analysis of travel spend data.
  • Reduced paperwork and streamlined administration.

At TraveluXion, we offer comprehensive consulting services from experts in the T&E industry for small, medium and large corporations looking to reduce unnecessary travel expenditure. Our services are available with no obligation to purchase our custom-developed procurement software. For more information on this service or to book a consultation, please contact us today or email Shirley Le Roux at [email protected].Discover why so many companies partner with us for expert travel expense management andbusiness expense managementsolutions. We look forward to hearing from you.