If you suspect your employees are abusing your travel budget, corporate travel software can help reign in fraudulent spending and keep your company’s expenses under control. For business which require staff to travel frequently, whether domestic or international, the travel expenses and business expenses can quickly add up, so it’s important to be vigilant and ensure no one is taking advantage of the system. Here are three signs your employees might be abusing your travel budget:

  • Inflating certain expenses. If a taxi from the airport to the hotel usually costs R50, then why are some staff claiming it costs R100? Sometimes, employees will claim more than the actual value of the expense so they can be reimbursed for a greater amount. Know how much standard travel expenses cost and always demand receipts with expense reports.
  • Overcharging their company credit card. While many employees only use their company credit card for appropriate expenses, some use it for inappropriate expenses in the hope no one will take the time to verify each purchase on the credit card statement. Many companies are bogged down with a lot of paperwork and simply sign off on credit card statements.
  • Spending more than all the other staff members. If your employees regularly spend a particular amount while on the same business journey, you should be wary of anyone whose expenditure is greater than everyone else’s. That person could be claiming exaggerated expenses.

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