We all understand and realise the impact technology has had on travel in general, specifically in a leisure space. Naturally, individuals that travel on behalf of their company expect to enjoy the same ease when securing trips on behalf of their company. They challenge the traditional booking mechanisms currently in place to secure trips. This is a progressive mindset and the rationale cannot be questioned, however, the balance of allowing this “open-policy” approach is often the greatest challenge for corporations as they need to protect themselves from a host of issues that could arise, ranging from abuse, fraud, neglect and potentially litigation when it comes to Health and Safety of travellers, this just to name a few. TraveluXion understands this challenge all too well and has built solutions to cater for this.

Enter the sharing economy with Accommodation provider AIRBNB leading the way, a business which is valued at USD10 billion, needless to say, is thriving and again challenging the traditions. It definitely faces legislative issues around tax avoidance and zoning in many cities, but for now, it is a serious game changer. A game changer in the car sharing industry is naturally UBER, one either loves them or loathes them, but this does not negate the fact that they have been a game changer and whilst their future or tenure is uncertain, they definitely are making an impact!

It is not surprising then that Information Technology enjoys the highest impact of the sharing economy and here is where it becomes interesting in that Business Travel and Leisure Travel were in the past an industry serviced by the Service Industry, however, the most effective way to manage Business Travel now is through the Information Technology Industry. Many are skeptical of the impact of the sharing economy beyond Information Technology, but Forbes is quoted that revenue flow through the sharing economy is estimated at surpassing USD3.5 billion directly back into people’s wallets. I believe it would be wise then for all Corporations to seek Business Travel Solutions that drive savings and innovation from Technology Providers.

TraveluXion is technology that is specifically geared towards managing the lifecycle of Business Travel Spend and embraces open policy as well managed spend. Email [email protected] to see how we can assist you in driving innovation and savings through this particular Economic climate!

Shirley Le Roux – Concept Founder – TraveluXion