Every business trip starts with planning and organisation. All organisations seek to improve their spend management and cost control over corporate travel budgets and effective travel expense management solutions will help you to do just that. There are many South African companies who are still unable to accurately analyse the impact of travel spend on their budgets.

There are four stages to our travel expense management solution that will help you to gain control over your company’s travel budgets and spending.

Fully Integrated Amadeus Travel Expense Management Solution

TraveluXion’s travel expense management solution is fully integrated with Amadeus’ online booking technology. It provides a complete end-to-end travel and expense management solution to thousands of corporate travellers each week.

Here are the four stages of travel expense management with our leading solutions:

  1. The application will start with a robust online pre-trip search.
  2. Management will then conduct the trip approval process. All quotes will come with a date time stamp for auditing purposes.
  3. Management will then be presented with relevant financial data that will be scrutinised to determine the impact on budgets.
  4. Once step three is complete, corporate travellers and travel arrangers can then either choose to self-book using the Amadeus online booking tool, or they can submit their request to the preferred travel management company to fulfil the travel arrangements.

Keep in mind business travel doesn’t end after the employee returns to the office. Aspects such as corporate expense claims, matching supplier invoices, reimbursements and reconciliations still need to happen. TraveluXion’s expense management solution will capture the entire trip’s costs, from the initial quotation to cost escalations and expense claims. This will make future end-to-end trip reporting far easier and more accurate.

To discover the many benefits of our cutting edge expense management solutions, contact TraveluXion today.