Travel expense management software can make the expense reporting process much easier for employees and financial managers alike. For companies that frequently send staff on business trips, expense reporting can become a big hassle and fall by the wayside until someone gets around to doing it. With a world-class corporate travel solution, employees can enter expense information before their travel and financial managers can monitor spending information in real time. Here’s why you should invest in travel expense management software:

  • Staff can enter business expense information for approval before their trip. Costs for standard business expenses such as hotel, taxis, car hire and meals can be added up and submitted for approval before the flight, which ensures employees are staying within their travel budget and procurement managers can monitor all staff spending.
  • It eliminates the need for paperwork. Employees can simply log on to the programme and input the relevant information. It’s quick, user-friendly and doesn’t involve stacks of paper.
  • It allows financial managers to detect fraud or inflated expense reporting. Financial managers can compare the spending habits of all employees who go on a certain business trip and see if anyone spent significantly more than everyone else. Unfortunately, employees sometimes try to abuse their travel budget, but travel expense management software helps keep everyone on track.
  • It provides you with real time cost information that’s important for your overall budget. Want to know how a particular business trip impacts your annual travel budget? Simply log on and access the relevant data.

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