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Streamline corporate travel with procurement management software

Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 in Procurement Management Software, Travel Spend Management | 0 comments

Everyone one knows that time is money and in today’s corporate world, this could not be more accurate. Each minute spent doing unnecessary administrative task, costs a company money – money which could be better spent on marketing, or staff increases (yes please!). TraveluXion has a software solution to cut down the amount of time wasted on corporate travel arrangements. In large companies, it can be a nightmare trying to coordinate flights, accommodation, travel expense allocations, management approval thereof and the list goes on and on. While a good travel agent can help with the actual booking of flights, they can’t manage the internal financial and approval processes. With clever procurement technology, a lot of the red tape can be simplified, saving time for more important jobs. The software offered by TraveluXion brings you a specific and purpose built solution for all your travel expense management. Right from the start of a planned trip, the software can find competitive tariffs and get the best priced and most suitable option. Being linked to Amadeus’ global online booking technology, as well as Fraxion Spend Management, ensure your needs are properly taken care of. The travel compliance policy of your company can be implemented by the system, so that all corporate travellers will know what’s acceptable or not. One of the biggest benefits of using a system like this procurement software is the real time reporting on fund allocations and reconciliations. With tools that allow for management approval, the chance of overspend or unnecessary spend by a corporate traveller is minimised and companies can exercise tighter budget controls. When it comes to saving time, this is the business expense management solution to go for. Why not contact TraveluXion today to find out more about their professional...

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Two Challenges that Face Effective Procurement Spend Management

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Procurement spend management has become an absolute necessity in today’s business environment – especially when you consider just how many companies are sending employees to far corners of the earth. In the following piece we’ll take a look at two of the challenges which face effective procurement spend management in today’s business landscape. Trying to manage your procurement spend without dedicated software Investing in procurement spend management software can give your company much greater control over how much it needs to spend on costs associated with business travel. Our software is designed to give your business the foresight regarding any potential costs that will be incurred while travelling, which can include costs associated with cancelled travel as well as mobile phone and Internet roaming costs. Fighting against fraud There will always be someone looking to take advantage of business travel and in South Africa, we’re accustomed to seeing high ranking government officials abusing this privilege beyond belief. This reckless spending, however, is not exclusive to the public sector. There are thousands of employees in the private sector who take advantage of slack spend management to enjoy themselves in foreign lands at the company’s expense. Effective procurement software can stamp out this sort of behaviour, saving your company thousands down the line. Contact the team at TraveluXion and speak to one of our consultants today to learn more about our procurement spend management system and how it can help save your business money. Our consulting services will ensure your needs are properly assessed and a tailored solution is...

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Procurement spend management: Is your company ignoring these important travel costs?

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Business Expense Management, Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Procurement spend management solutions from TraveluXion were designed to help businesses to gain full line of sight of potential costs before they are incurred, thus reducing costs,  the riskof fraud, eliminate unnecessary spending on corporate travel and stay within budget. If your staff members travel frequently for business, whether domestic or international travel, our travel expense management software can greatly benefit your company. There are many travel costs that are often overlooked by companies and although they might seem small, they can add up and make a big dent in your business’s annual budget. These costs include: Mobile phone and Internet costs. Making phone calls in another country and constantly being connected to Wi-Fi can become costly, even though it’s often necessary to stay in touch with clients. Costs associated with cancelled travel, such as unused airline tickets or pre-booked land arrangements.. The effects that frequent travel can have on your employees. A recent global business travel study demonstrated that when people make six or more business trips each year, their mental and physical health can be negatively affected, meaning they may not be in an ideal condition for face-to-face client meetings. Change the way you do business with our procurement software solutions If you want to have a better understanding of where your company can save money and cut costs, or identify opportunities to eliminate overspending, please contact our team today and let us know how we can help you. We are confident that our procurement technology will help your business operate more efficiently. For more information about the procurement software available from TraveluXion, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Discover why so many businesses partner with us for travel expense management and learn how our corporate travel solutions can benefit your company. We look forward to hearing from...

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