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Corporate Travellers Are Going Rogue

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

Studies show, more and more corporate travellers are going rogue… Several major value-adds can be found in managed travel solutions: negotiated rates, duty of care, customer service, policy enforcement and data aggregation. Still, many companies are finding a more “open” approach to be more cost-effective and far more user-friendly. How can you tell if your company is ready to adopt ‘unmanaged’ or ‘open booking’ policies? Business travel can be incredibly expensive. That said, when given the right tools, employees can be recruited as partners in cost savings that results in enormous savings for your company. If your employees care about the bottom line and tend to spend responsibly, then implementing an ‘open booking’ policy should be right in line with existing culture. Do your employees already book the cheapest deal they can find? If your employees tend not to have complicated itineraries with multiple legs and lots of last minute cancellations and changes, then an ‘open booking’ model makes sense. For sophisticated itineraries requiring high levels of co-ordination, travel agents can serve a helpful purpose. Most companies with managed travel programs struggle with non-compliance, because employees prefer the open market and know they can find cheaper deals on their own, and they are right. Let’s face it, most business travellers appreciate freedom, flexibility and choice. Most importantly, they appreciate not having someone or something tell them what to book, where to book, and when to book. Most internal travel policies create friction, so minimising policy is key for an effective modern travel management solution. TraveluXion can assist with capturing and managing all of your receipts in one system making expense management effortless. Analytical data is available and is updated in real time with total spend and related savings. We also track employee behaviour so you can see who is keeping within budget and who...

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Concerned About the Rising Costs of your Business Travel Programme? Invest in Procurement software today

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Noticed a sharp increase in the amount of money you’re spending on your employees’ travel expenses? Perhaps it’s time you invested in travel procurement software in a bid to keep these expenses at a minimum. The following piece will take a closer look at how our procurement software can significantly reduce how much your business pays on travel expenses. Reduce unnecessary costs You can reduce unnecessary expenditure by your employees by investing in procurement software. These systems give real time reports with regards to what employees are spending on and where they’re spending this money. Unnecessary costs can be stamped out as soon as they appear on your side of the system, saving you much in both money and time. World class support Our team of consultants provide your business with world class support after you’ve invested in your procurement software. Our products are specifically designed to give you complete control over your business’ travel expenses with our efficient team of support staff. They are readily available to answer any questions you have with regard to your corporate travel solution software. Get in touch with the team at TraveluXion to find out how our procurement software can reduce your business’ overall travel costs. Our consultants are able to advise you on our range of products or services in order to establish the solution that works best for your corporate...

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How to increase productivity through corporate expense management solutions

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

By far one of the biggest reasons corporations invest in corporate travel solutions, aside from the incredible savings they guarantee, is the increased productivity. Their departments operate more smoothly, with travel reconciliations, corporate expense claims, matching supplier invoices and reimbursements handled far more efficiently. If you would like to learn how to increase productivity in your business % through the use of corporate expense management solutions, then read on. Firstly, by deploying these management solutions through your business, you will be promoting greater compliance to corporate travel regulations throughout the business. Your staff will no longer have to run quotations and bookings up the ladder, gaining approval from different management levels. This alone will save various departments a lot of time in going back and forth before having travel arrangements approved. Efficient and High-Performance Analysis with Corporate Travel Solutions Now your management team will be able to view all the relevant financial information regarding corporate travel for employees at a glance. This makes determining the impact on budgets and expenses far easier and efficient, without needing input from various departments or key players. Your staff will enjoy detailed, consolidated multidimensional analysis of travel costs and expenses in real time, cutting decision-making time in half. With greater compliance and application of your company’s travel and reimbursement policies, you will experience a boost in productivity and efficiency throughout your entire company. The company’s employees will also experience less frustration and stress during and after the trip, since they can access one tool for managing all their travel arrangements from start to finish. Management has real-time access to travel data, monitoring pre-approval, bookings and expense reports. These are all ways how investing in a corporate travel solution such as TraveluXion’s software products will help you to increase productivity in your organisation. Contact TraveluXion to learn how your business can benefit from our corporate travel...

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How corporate travel solutions can help your company comply with health and safety regulations

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

When you send staff members abroad, or even nationally, there are various responsibilities your business will have legally and morally. Corporate travel solutions generally don’t cater to this obligations and responsibilities, until TraveluXion was released that is. If we take a closer look at the responsibilities companies are faced with you will see that if a staff member is sent overseas their health and safety must be taken into account. In fact there are safety and health regulations in place to ensure staff members are protected and also so that businesses aren’t blinded by litigation should something go wrong during the time of travel and a good corporate travel solution can help ensure you are always compliant with these. How does TraveluXion help with compliance with regulations in place? While TraveluXion is designed to make the entire booking and travel experience more convenient and to cut costs when it comes to potential over expenditure for corporate travel, it is also designed to ensure any special travel requirements and warnings are brought to the attention of the traveller. Before a booking can be completed on this corporate travel expense management system, the traveller will be advised on special requirements which include: travel documents, potential safety dangers, medical treatments recommended/required, visas, passports and so on. If there is anything the traveller and management should be aware of, the system will provide information and the trip will need to be authorised. Confirmation that this information has been received and understood is requested too. This feature, unknown to other booking systems and expense management systems, helps to safeguard your business from all potential travel related and posed risks. In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the...

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Rising travel costs overcome by corporate expense management solutions

Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in Business Expense Management | 0 comments

In today’s corporate world, cutting back on running costs and general expenses is absolutely essential. The larger your business grows the greater the risk you stand of losing valuable revenue to negligent expenditure or poor management of certain allowances and funds. In the business world, national and international travel is often essential for the development and prosperity of the company. Unfortunately corporate travel can become pricey and staff members can spend unnecessary amounts that cannot always be traced or accounted for precisely by the bookkeepers or financial department. In order to ensure company funds are protected and you don’t fall victim to rising travel costs, a corporate travel expense management solution should be implemented. Which expense management system is worth trusting when it comes to corporate travel? If you are wondering which corporate expense management solution is best suited to your business then the answer is simple: TraveluXion. This system combines the great booking features of Amadeus and the functionality of Fraxion Spend Management. This means you can benefit from a user friendly interface and booking system as well as the various conveniences of expenses being quoted on and sent to management for approval before travel plans are authorised. TraveluXion is an expense management system that protects the business from over expenditure on travel bookings and ensures the business is privy to great specials and rates. The integrity of the business in terms of Duty of Care is also safeguarded as all special travel requirements and advice are provided by the system as bookings are made. In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the...

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