Everyone one knows that time is money and in today’s corporate world, this could not be more accurate. Each minute spent doing unnecessary administrative task, costs a company money – money which could be better spent on marketing, or staff increases (yes please!).

TraveluXion has a software solution to cut down the amount of time wasted on corporate travel arrangements. In large companies, it can be a nightmare trying to coordinate flights, accommodation, travel expense allocations, management approval thereof and the list goes on and on. While a good travel agent can help with the actual booking of flights, they can’t manage the internal financial and approval processes. With clever procurement technology, a lot of the red tape can be simplified, saving time for more important jobs.

The software offered by TraveluXion brings you a specific and purpose built solution for all your travel expense management. Right from the start of a planned trip, the software can find competitive tariffs and get the best priced and most suitable option. Being linked to Amadeus’ global online booking technology, as well as Fraxion Spend Management, ensure your needs are properly taken care of. The travel compliance policy of your company can be implemented by the system, so that all corporate travellers will know what’s acceptable or not.

One of the biggest benefits of using a system like this procurement software is the real time reporting on fund allocations and reconciliations. With tools that allow for management approval, the chance of overspend or unnecessary spend by a corporate traveller is minimised and companies can exercise tighter budget controls.

When it comes to saving time, this is the business expense management solution to go for. Why not contact TraveluXion today to find out more about their professional products?