Organising travel arrangements for employees needing to conduct business in other areas, whether domestic or international, is no quick task. It starts with searching for flights, at the right price, at the right time and then checking availability. Then there’s accommodation, transfers, travel allowances and the myriad of other details that go into booking a corporate trip. On top of it all, once you have the costs, you might still need to get approval and have the expenses signed off by senior management, which can also be time-consuming and complicated. Once it’s all approved, booked and the travel underway you breathe a sigh of relief, only to be faced with a mountain of slips in foreign currency when the traveller returns.

It’s an unfortunate reality that fraudulent use of travel allowances occurs, especially in bigger corporates where the offender may think he won’t be caught if he upgrades to a better suite in the hotel, or takes a bunch of friends out for dinner and picks up the tab. Keeping track of all the expenditure and working out how much to reimburse can be a nightmare which takes up significant time in your day that could be spent more productively.

The travel expense management software from TraveluXion has been designed with you in mind

Our expense management solution captures the entire trip costs, from initial quotation, costs escalations and expense claims for true end-to-end reporting. This allows companies to track and measure their direct and indirect travel expenditure with their own travel technology, while providing a convergence of data, real time reporting and visibility. TraveluXion is business travel procurement simplified.

The advantages of using corporate travel software are numerous

When you start to look at the many ways travel expense software can benefit your business, it really makes sense to get it now. All the processes are simplified – from shorter expense approval cycles, to improved compliance and reduced labour costs. The online booking technology with Amadeus reduces the time spent trawling the internet for cheap flights, while the real time reporting is a bonus few companies could ignore.

Why don’t you contact TraveluXion today to find out how their travel and expense management systems can benefit your company? In addition, they offer a consulting service, should your company need expert advice from industry experts, on any aspect of corporate travel management.