Corporate travel expenses can sometimes rack up to an excessive amount. The problem with staff travel is that often too many expenses are overlooked and not enough detail is provided to the financial department to query spending and incurred costs. Many businesses have expressed a desire to be able to monitor travel spending better and curb excessive or unnecessary expenses.

How do corporate travel expenses get out of hand? The answer is simple. In many corporations, travel might be necessary to the profitability of the business, but management doesn’t have a firm hold on the situation due to lack of visibility. Travel plans can be changed, extra expenses can be incurred and before you know it, the business is at a risk of loss/fraud/over expenditure or litigation due to lack of duty of care. In some cases staff members can be negligent with company accounts and in others it is just poor planning which results in extra expenses.

What is the solution? What business expense management system is best?

The solution to excessive business travel expenses being incurred is TraveluXion. This Business Expense Management Software is proving itself on the market. It has taken three years to develop by combining key elements of Amadeus and Fraction and the result is a user friendly travel management system that curbs spending and ensures that business travel doesn’t become an excuse for each staff member to spend business revenue.

The TraveluXion system is designed to ensure that management and financial management members authorise not only business travel, but the expenses thereof. Each booking detail can be provided for scrutinising and if any changes are required after the booking, these have to be authorised too.

Whilst the TraveluXion Travel Expense Management Software is not a booking system or travel agent, it will certainly ensure your bookings are made easy and that they are professionally handled at a cost-effective rate.