In today’s corporate world, cutting back on running costs and general expenses is absolutely essential. The larger your business grows the greater the risk you stand of losing valuable revenue to negligent expenditure or poor management of certain allowances and funds.

In the business world, national and international travel is often essential for the development and prosperity of the company. Unfortunately corporate travel can become pricey and staff members can spend unnecessary amounts that cannot always be traced or accounted for precisely by the bookkeepers or financial department. In order to ensure company funds are protected and you don’t fall victim to rising travel costs, a corporate travel expense management solution should be implemented.

Which expense management system is worth trusting when it comes to corporate travel?

If you are wondering which corporate expense management solution is best suited to your business then the answer is simple: TraveluXion. This system combines the great booking features of Amadeus and the functionality of Fraxion Spend Management. This means you can benefit from a user friendly interface and booking system as well as the various conveniences of expenses being quoted on and sent to management for approval before travel plans are authorised.

TraveluXion is an expense management system that protects the business from over expenditure on travel bookings and ensures the business is privy to great specials and rates. The integrity of the business in terms of Duty of Care is also safeguarded as all special travel requirements and advice are provided by the system as bookings are made.

In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the solution.