TraveluXion’s R & D team pride itself on constantly evaluating the impact our application has on its users. The more customers we engage with, the more we listen and the more we innovate.

The Approvers in the T&E cycle no longer have to access the application to generate approvals. Our system dynamically returns all information pertaining to the Request, as well as available budget information directly to the required Approvers in a secure email format.

The Approvers can approve on e-mail making use of any mobile device.


Whilst our Travel Request creation template only takes a mere 33 seconds to create, we understand that busy travellers don’t want to be fussed with change management.

Our latest innovation merely requires the traveller to send an email with a specific subject header; our application dynamically populates information in the background and generates the Request for approval.

What this means for organisations is that we have reduced the UI without compromising on functionality and still delivering an application that safeguards companies against T&E abuse and potential fraud.

Shirley Le Roux – General Manager, TraveluXion