At TraveluXion, the key to successfully implementing end-to-end travel expense management solutions is to fully engage the client and their current processes in all stages of product application.

The first stage is an exploratory stage in which our team will gather data on current travel spend and business expense management processes. As every company is unique, it is vital all variables are understood and accounted for and that the team has a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs.

The second stage is one where the comprehensive exploratory analysis is examined for opportunities where the travel expense management solution can offer improvements. These improvements include, but are not limited to, financial control and visibility, increased productivity and compliance, streamlined booking/approval/reimbursement processes and increased savings. Here, the client can easily evaluate their investment in the travel spend software against the benefits that will be experienced.

Stage three will involve drawing up and executing a project plan within specific parameters in order to deliver a custom solution. Parameters may include elements such as supplier information, budget information, approval thresholds and more. The client will also receive a Project Charter detailing the solution rollout and encompassing aspects such as the business case, scope, shareholders, risk and timeline of the project.

The final stage is a demonstration of the long-term support will receive as part of their solution, which will include any future product developments, management of the account, training and access to a contact centre to handle all client queries.

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