Corporate travel can become quite a costly expense to any business and this is why the use of travel expense management software has become so common in the corporate world. Unfortunately, many companies have experienced a financial loss from poor funds management via travel expense accounts. It can be hard to track how travel finances are spent and if employees aren’t being careful with where and how they book their flights, accommodation and similar, the costs can get out of control. A company that wants to benefit from taking ownership of its own travel budgets can greatly benefit from software aimed at travel expense management.

If you find your business needs to reduce corporate travel spending, here’s how the TraveluXion travel expense management software can help you to do just that:

  • Online pre-booking and trip approval process which sends requests directly to management.
  • Cost analysis on what the trip will cost and what the financial implications on the business will be. This is the point where management can approve or deny the trip request.
  • Bookings can be made through the system via Amadeus or through a travel agent upon approval.
  • Entire trip costs will be captured from the first quotation and will include cost escalations and expense claims for accurate end-to-end reporting on the trip.

Benefits of using TraveluXion travel expense management software

  • Reduction in overall travel costs.
  • Improves compliance with company travel policies.
  • Presents budgets in real time.
  • Reduces the risk of fraudulent spending of company funds.

If you would like to learn more about TraveluXion’s travel expense management software and how it can provide your business with the corporate travel solution it has been looking for, contact us at TraveluXion today. We make travel expense management simple.