Did you know that strategic procurement solutions can put your employees in control of their corporate trips as well as save your business money? Too many company owners and management members have little to no control over trips employees need to go on. With the right travel expense management software in place you can actually allow your employees to handle their own travel requests, while still having complete control over the process.

With the right procurement software, employees can apply for trip authorisation via an easy to use computerised system. This application will need to include the various costs and fees involved in the process and once the application is sent, management is alerted via the system and provided with the opportunity to respond. Whether a trip is denied or authorised will depend on the financial impact the trip will have on the business. If a trip is authorised, bookings can be confirmed through the system via Amadeus or your company designed travel agent.

Of course that’s not where your strategic procurement solutions should end. Corporate trips need to be reconciled once they are complete and such systems are designed to capture absolutely every aspect of spend the trip involves, from accommodation and flights to transport, meals, entertainment and more. This way company management teams can be aware of precisely how company money is used on each trip and can use this data for future trip authorisations or denials. The software also provides the ideal way of sourcing the best rates for flights, accommodation and similar.

Where to obtain strategic procurement solutions for your business

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