Procurement management software is designed to make the organisation and running of corporate travel planning easier and more cost effective. Finding the right solution for your company does not need to be a difficult and time-consuming search.

In order to get the most out of procurement technology, you must remember that the software should offer a solution that delivers on its promises; one that offers compliance, control and visibility; as well as being easy-to-use and saving you time. A procurement software package should offer you increased effectiveness and should be backed up with customer care and assistance.

The travel expense management solution from TraveluXion offers all that and more. With a risk management solution which reduces cost and the chance of fraud, improves travel compliance and allows companies to take ownership of their travel budgets, you can’t beat TraveluXion. Real time access to budgets, claims and audits once a trip is complete, provide just the sort of control you need to manage your company’s travel expenditure.

From the start of a trip, the procurement technology will assist in obtaining quotes from a variety of carriers, which goes straight back to key decision makers for approval. Once approved, arrangements can be made using traditional travel agents, with full knowledge and control of budgets. Post trip, careful attention is paid to expense claims, allowing for accurate cost reconciliations.

With technology and service that really affects your bottom line, in the best way, it’s this strategic procurement solution which makes TraveluXion stand out. Contact them today to find out how they can start saving you money.