If you’re searching for a leading business travel expense management solution for your company, TraveluXion is here to help. Businesses of all sizes, especially those that frequently send staff on business trips, can benefit greatly from implementing a solution which is comprehensive, user-friendly and helps you cut travel costs. Here’s what you should look for in a business travel expense management solution:

  • It’s easy for all staff to use. Corporate travel software is for everyone in the company, not just a select few. Employees who are sent on business trips can submit travel requests online and file business expenses, while managers can oversee costs and ensure they remain within the budget.
  • It helps you reduce the risk of fraud. Unfortunately, some employees can take advantage of travel budgets and file expense reports which aren’t entirely accurate. Business expense software allows staff to input business expenses before their trip even happens, so you can see exactly how much they’ll be spending.
  • It’s centrally located. Rather than deal with piles of paperwork and several different stages of approval, invest in a solution which is hosted entirely online and provides a seamless experience. Everything from submitting a travel request to sending supplier invoices can be done using TraveluXion’s end-to-end solution.
  • Instant access reporting, that is not reliant on third party information provides you  withvisibility of your entire company budget, not just your travel budget. Financial managers and procurement managers will have immediate visibility of the entire spend cycle.

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