In the corporate world, wasteful travel expenditure can cause a business to suffer losses or expose the company to unnecessary financial risk. Unfortunately not all employees will seek the best travel costs or curb spending company money when on a trip and it is therefore up to you to ensure you have a travel expense management solution in place to safeguard your business’ financial future.

Those who wish to eliminate wasteful expenditure with travel expense management solutions need only to make use of TraveluXion, which is a user friendly software package designed to help corporate companies to cut back on costs while still benefiting from business travel.

The only way to eliminate wasteful spending is to monitor and manage the travel plans of the business more carefully, and often this can be tricky if you don’t have software or an advanced system in place to help.

What does the corporate travel expense management system, TraveluXion, offer?

TraveluXion is not a travel agency booking system although it does handle your booking from start to finish presenting the ideal corporate travel solution. It is designed to assist the process of booking a company paid trip by means of requesting authorisation from management as well as financial heads.

The system tracks the entire process including the authorisation from management, duty of travel regulations, quotations presented and final bookings. Absolutely everything is recorded in an effective audit trail, even if changes are made to the booking after the fact. Financial departments are able to better track corporate travel spending patterns too, which can be greatly beneficial to the business.

How does this curb spending? Your staff members will have their trip presented to management and those expenses will be covered. The fact that duty of travel regulations are covered, also means there is no potential litigation risks faced by the company should something go wrong during the time of travel. There is no denying the fact that TraveluXion has covered all of its bases.