Strategic procurement solutions from TraveluXion are designed to put you and your staff in total control of corporate travel, travel expense management and business expense management. Our software gives you real-time information and provides you with an all-encompassing solution for corporate travel booking, travel expense management and business expense management.

One of the many benefits of TraveluXion’s software is that it reduces your risk of fraud. Here’s how:

  • Our strategic procurement solutions give you total transparency from beginning to end, meaning you’ll be able to track all expenses and ensure that you can track the differential between quotation and actual..
  • When you’re in charge of your own corporate travel software you can ensure you aren’t being overcharged for any component of the booking . For companies that require staff to travel often, this can make a significant impact on annual expenditures.
  • Monitor all of your company’s business expense claims and ensure you aren’t receiving duplicate chargesor expense claims.
  • Our system is uniquely designed to highlight changes to certain aspects of your booking post approval, such as destination changes thus ensuring the relevant approvers are made aware to avoid any unusual or abuse of company funds.

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