Corporate travellers can truly benefit in a number of ways from strategic procurement solutions. Many companies suffer a loss from the mismanagement of travel funds and this can have a negative impact on corporate travel authorisations going forward. By implementing an effective travel expense management system, you can ensure that company funds are correctly used and that the corporate traveller and the business itself benefit.

Corporate travellers can benefit in the following way when making use of procurement technology or software:

  • Travellers will have access to low cost packages and discounts as all the booking information will be readily at their fingertips.
  • Application for travel can be made on the system where management is alerted. Both management and the travel applicant can be kept up to date on the authorisation of the trip and what packages or expenses will be allowed.
  • The approval process is simple and quick which increases productivity in the work place.
  • Visibility gains and reporting increase travel policy compliance. This means that the system will ensure all staff members are travelling in accordance with company policies.
  • Corporate travellers won’t be faced with potential fraud.
  • Improved financial controls.

With the right travel expense management software, you can ensure your corporate travel account is correctly handled and that the business doesn’t suffer potential loss.

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