When you send staff members abroad, or even nationally, there are various responsibilities your business will have legally and morally. Corporate travel solutions generally don’t cater to this obligations and responsibilities, until TraveluXion was released that is.

If we take a closer look at the responsibilities companies are faced with you will see that if a staff member is sent overseas their health and safety must be taken into account. In fact there are safety and health regulations in place to ensure staff members are protected and also so that businesses aren’t blinded by litigation should something go wrong during the time of travel and a good corporate travel solution can help ensure you are always compliant with these.

How does TraveluXion help with compliance with regulations in place?

While TraveluXion is designed to make the entire booking and travel experience more convenient and to cut costs when it comes to potential over expenditure for corporate travel, it is also designed to ensure any special travel requirements and warnings are brought to the attention of the traveller.

Before a booking can be completed on this corporate travel expense management system, the traveller will be advised on special requirements which include: travel documents, potential safety dangers, medical treatments recommended/required, visas, passports and so on. If there is anything the traveller and management should be aware of, the system will provide information and the trip will need to be authorised. Confirmation that this information has been received and understood is requested too. This feature, unknown to other booking systems and expense management systems, helps to safeguard your business from all potential travel related and posed risks.

In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the solution.