TraveluXion’s Unique Benefits

The application was built off the robust platform of Fraxion spend management, who are leaders in the area of spend management.  Fraxion have been in existence for over 12 years and have won numerous awards, their most notable being the DTI’s award in 2011 for the most innovative software for medium sized enterprises.  The convergence of Fraxion’s core system and Amadeus’s self-booking tool (AeTM) have allowed TraveluXion to be purpose built to cater for most corporations unique procurement needs when it comes to procuring T&E.

Our solution will offers the relevant stakeholder in your organisation with the below mentioned measurable benefits of:

  • having line of sight over expenditure before it is incurred
  • having line of sight of available budget, committed and actual expenditure before approving any expense item
  • having a single platform that convergences all T&E expenditure regardless of nature of booking or supplier
  • including a cost centre owner and line manager in the pre booking and post booking phase
  • having a Duty of Care component that is two fold
    – Pre departure – to ensure due diligence is taken and the necessary advisories are offered regarding destination management via the destination content approval system of DocuWorx
    – Post departure – having the ability to click on the world map and know where all your travellers are regardless of booking mode, TMC or region.
  • having live real time data at the corporations fingertips
  • having a robust audit trail that date and time stamps all transactions from time of initial request to payment
  • having the ability to view open items and accurately accrue over varying budget periods
  • being able to track all changes to previously approved trips that involve destination or affect price
  • tracking supplier agreements and not having to rely solely on third party data
  • knowing that every transaction that reaches the payment stage has been approved and can be paid, thus avoiding finance charges
  • having a robust audit trail that takes the emotion out of managing supplier level agreements

TraveluXion’s Executive Summary

TraveluXion comprises of ten staff member and will be growing to 15 full time employees in 2015.  TraveluXion launched in November 2011 and is headed up by Shirley Le Roux, this product was conceptualised by Shirley who is a thought leader in the Travel Management space. Shirley has been in the industry for over 25 years and in her previous position was Chief Operations Officer for a major global TMC.  It was during this tenure that she truly understood the needs of the Corporations she serviced and the gaps in the technology of the TMC offerings.  Realising that an integrated procurement technology platform was needed to be purpose built for the unique requirement of travel, she pursued this initiative and concept and personally headed up the design and development team that scoped the integrated solution between Nov 2011 and April 2013.

World class organisations are looking for improved control of travel budgets, total convergence and better efficiencies when managing the Travel and Expense process. Executives understand the need to improve this large spend category, but research indicates there has been a relatively marginal uptake and implementation of technologies that are able to assist in improving control, compliance and risk in South Africa.

In South African organisations management of travel spend is traditionally dependent upon third party reporting from the Travel Management Company (TMC) and /or other outsourced third parties and is provided post travel usually in the form of management reports 45 days after the fact, not only is the ineffective for the management and visibility of costs, but the data is only based on invoiced data from the TMC. This leaves spend activity in the area of transportation, taxi’s, per diems, visa’s, en-route costs, foreign exchange and a whole host of other data unavailable and virtually impossible to link back to the original trip to ensure total cost of Trip per traveller.

TraveluXion is a fully integrated end to end Spend Management software application – sold directly to Companies to track and measure their direct and indirect Travel Expenditure ensuring that the sound principles around good corporate governance are adhered to, for Travel procurement as described in the King III report and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

It is sold on a licence fee model, offering Companies the ability to own the licences to software that ensures their policies, data and workflows regarding Travel procurement are standardised regardless of the suppliers, as the software is TMC and ERP agnostic. This application can be utilised across various ERP platforms and fulfilled by various TMC’s within a client environment. The application is housed behind the company’s firewall to ensure the protection of company data.

The software is priced as a once-off licence fee and scaled according to your individual landscape. An annual licence renewal fee ensures that you are kept updated with the latest changes with regards to spend management and content through the self – booking tool (AeTM) within the application. The team at TraveluXion will take care of the sales, implementation, training, support and development of the application.

TraveluXion is an independent supplier of technology as such we are not linked to any provider of fulfilment services. The team are equipped to market, sell, implement, project – manage, train and support future developments and requirements.

For more information on our procurement technology solutions and benefits, please contact us today.