Any business whether small, medium or large, will have certain rules and regulations in place when it comes to corporate travel and the expenses it can incur. Some corporate companies actually allow their staff members to travel for leisure purposes or as an incentive, whilst others strictly only allow this for business meetings, or the benefit of the company.

The reason for these rules and regulations is that travelling can cost the business money and financial compliance is usually expected from staff members before their trip can be authorised and paid for by the company. Many companies have suffered losses at the hand of over or negligent spending by staff members and this has caused many business owners to become more involved when it comes to  financial compliance. This is where the TraveluXion travel expense management software has come in to save the day.

What to expect from TraveluXion:

TraveluXion is a user friendly interface that allows staff members to request travel privileges. The request is done via the system which is then sent on to the management members in charge of providing authorisation. If travel permission is granted, the real process of planning can begin.

TraveluXion is able to provide a complete quotation as gathered by professional agencies or by making use of the embedded self booking tool(Amadeus e Travel Management). These quotes are embedded into the system and notifications of awaiting approvals are sent via email to the relevant approvers  will then either grant or denying the request . The managers involved will be able to scrutinise the travel plans and the reason for travel and the final decision will be made on how beneficial such a trip will be to the business and how reasonable the incurred expenses are when compared. This system thus helps to eliminate unnecessary travel and curb expenses when it is necessary, most importantly ensuring that full line of sight of any potential expenditure is made prior to the costs hitting the relevant cost centre.Regardless of your underlying ERP, TraveluXion can be rolled out in multi ERP environments and across multiple TMC environments.

There is no doubt that this particular travel expense software is just the solution that corporate companies have been looking for!