Are you searching for a corporate travel solution that saves your company money while allowing staff to manage their business expenses, travel expenses, submit their own travel requests and more? At TraveluXion we specialise in customised solutions which help you cut costs and improve overall budget visibility. Here are four ways in which our corporate travel software can save your business money:

  1. To avoid overspending on business trips, our software allows you to input and approve travel and business related expenses before you travel. This ensures that costs are controlled and variances to approved costs are reported and follow an approval workflow.
  2. Did you know companies which embrace end-to-end travel spend management solutions experience, on average between 40 & 60% lower processing costs? If your staff travel frequently, the annual savings can be very significant.
  3. Once our corporate travel software has been integrated into the system, a company which has 300 domestic corporate travel transactions per month can save as much as R433 per transaction simply by booking online with our software.
  4. Our solutions provides you with immediate visibility of the entire spend cycle so you can see how your travel budget fits into your overall company budget. In addition to giving you greater visibility, our software can help reduce the risk of fraud and ensure all travel and business expenses are legitimate.

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