In the corporate world, travel expenses can get out of control if they are not correctly monitored and managed and that is why professional travel expense management software is essential to every business. There are various reasons why your business can benefit from such a corporate travel solution. First and foremost you must understand that travel expense management software is procurement software. While it can access online travel bookings, it is not a travel agent service. Such a system is used to request authorisation for travel, make tentative bookings, compare expenses and packages and finally to ensure that allocated funds are correctly used for the trip and reconciled thereafter.

Below are five features of travel expense management software that will benefit your business:

  • Online bookings supported by Amadeus global content providing access to all packages including low cost carriers.
  • Travel policy compliance implemented by the system will ensure that each trip and corporate traveller adheres to the company policies in place.
  • Risk management and duty of care will ensure that your business/corporate travellers are safeguarded at all times.
  • Real time reporting to monitor, manage and analyse fund allocations for trips.
  • Budget transparency and compliance ensures that allocated travel funds are not mismanaged or incorrectly spent.

Where to acquire travel expense management software for your business

If you are looking to acquire professional travel expense management software, you have come to the right place. At TraveluXion, we offer a corporate travel solution which will assist you to professionally handle travel requests within the business and ensure that all approved trips are properly planned, funded and followed up on.

Our travel procurement software combines the technology of Amadeus online and Fraxion Spend Management to ensure improved travel and expense management. To learn more our software packages, contact us at TraveluXion today.