The task of a financial executive when it comes to corporate travel

Any company’s financial executive will be responsible for reconciling, tracking and accounting for each and every transaction within the business. Unfortunately corporate travel can be a tough one to manage and the accounts departments are usually left with the mammoth task of trying to ensure expenses are limited and of course fully accounted for.

A financial executive needs to be aware of potential costs faced by the business when a business trip is requested. Furthermore, they need to ensure no over spending occurs and that every transaction can be accounted for before, during and after the trip. It is also the task of the financial executive to ensure any risk is avoided by the company in terms of litigation, as this can be quite costly.

How can the TraveluXion system help financial executives?

The TraveluXion travel and expense management system provides companies with a combination of the best features of Fraxion (a spend management system) and Amadeus (a travel booking management system).

The result is a variety of features and benefits not only for financial executives, but also for the corporate traveller and anyone else involved in the business’ running and processes.

Some features you are bound to appreciate:

  • Provision of a breakdown of each and every potential cost involved, before they are incurred.
  • Notification and tracking of potential expenses if any of the trip or booking details are changed during the process.
  • Detailed point of decision support framework is provided.
  • Every travel invoice can be easily linked to travel request and all expenses tracked and accounted for.
  • The risk of incorrect allocations of costs and expenses is eliminated.
  • Fraudulent and wasteful expenditure is recognised and exposed.
  • Date, time and role based audit trail is made possible.
  • Payments can be easily split across a variety of cost centres.

These are just a few of the benefits that financial executives can expect when working with the TraveluXion system. For more information and advice on the package and what we have to offer, get in touch with us at TraveluXion at your earliest convenience.

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