An Enterprise Spend Management Solution for Streamlined Corporate Travel Expenses

The aim of an effective Enterprise Spend Management Solution is to be able to increase visibility of corporate spend and capture all expenditure throughout the entire business and ensure it is processed through the correct approval frameworks with all the necessary decision-support documentation available to the approver, thereby reducing the company’s financial risk before any commitments are made.

This corporate expense management process can then be further broken down into direct and indirect purchasing and procurement, receiving, payment settlement, accounts payable, cost allocation, spend analysis and reporting.

Our enterprise spend management solutions allow for proposed corporate travel expenditure to be captured by all employees across the entire organisation regardless of their interaction being frequent or intermittent. Once processed, this financial data is then passed through to the underlying ERP system. TraveluXion’s aim is to ensure that all Corporations have access to this innovative, efficient corporate expense management technology and are able to own their processes and data at a cost effective price.


When it comes to spend management and travel expenses, we know how to optimise the process for you.

For more information on our enterprise spend management solution, please contact our corporate expense management team today.