Is your business still making use of a paper requisition system for your employees travel expenses? Purchasing and procurement software eliminates the need for paper requisition altogether, placing this system definitely in the past. Below we’ll take a closer look at why you should be replacing your paper requisition process with procurement technology.

Why should you get rid of the paper requisition system?

Travel procurement and approval often includes so many members of your organisation, from travelling employees and the accounts department to line and risk managers. All of these departments and employees require information in order to execute their jobs effectively – this information is usually contained on a single piece of paper.

This paper requisition floats between departments and can often take an incredibly long time to be approved.

Investing in purchasing and procurement software

By investing in sound purchasing and procurement software, your business possesses a complete travel solution. This software offers:

  • Complete line of sight in terms of budgets.
  • Reservations are tracked allowing the business to view lost savings opportunities.
  • All information relevant to travel is kept on one system.

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