Managing corporate travel can be time consuming and the travel spend can easily get out of control if your business does not have good systems in place. Although big corporates have entire teams, or departments of people, dedicated to making travel arrangements, getting approval and conducting recons for reimbursements, there can still be errors and delays in reporting. Using travel procurement software is a great way to consolidate your travel programme which can save your business a lot of time and money.

If your company does not have the expertise or knowledge to formulate and manage business travel, it may be a good idea to consult with a company like TraveluXion, who can guide you in your formulation of travel policy, risk management or management of travel spend.

There are many advantages to using the services of expense management experts, such as:

  • Helping you get a handle on the rising costs of your business travel programme.
  • Consolidating all the important information around business travel and the reporting post-trip.
  • Balancing the unique requirements of your business to achieve cost control.
  • Demystifying all the products and services available in the travel and expense space.
  • Helping to eliminate your paper requisition process and replacing it with a more robust solution.
  • Assisting you with the structure for proposals or tenders for T&E services.
  • Reducing the amount of time you spend on travel administration.
  • Helping you understand the best practices and offering you expert independent opinion.

Effective and easy-to-use travel management spend products and services from TraveluXion

TraveluXion are the industry leaders in procurement spend management software. Their software and consulting services offer the best in travel management controls and they understand the needs of your corporation. A key part of their sales cycle is to assist and refine the business processes around the procurement of all business travel related expenditure.

They really understand the industry and would love to simplify your corporate travel management. Contact them to find out more about how their solutions can transform your company.